Punjab Rural Water & Sanitation Sector Improvement Project
Department of Water Supply and Sanitation, PUNJAB

News Flash: 1.  Kindly download upgraded DWSS mobile app from here Click here to download 2.  Kindly download the images of Beneficiary Stages which are not shown in Add/Edit Stages from Beneficiary Images Recovery Section at Menu No.9 3.  The provision for Corrections in baseline data and entering its subsequent progress has been developed on DWSS MIS. Click on SDPM module on www.pbdwss.gov.in or click on the link "" to access the module 4.  Please note pay orders for incentive payment to mm and motivators can only be generated for priority clusters 5.  "Add Cluster" option has been displayed again.Kindly complete your entries.Control Villages will not be opened till we get any information from World bank. 6.  All latrine construction images should be uploaded using mobile application. 7.  All MIS/Data entry operators please note that beneficiary image, electricity bill image and bank statement image should be uploaded using mobile application. It will speed up entry of beneficiaries as entry through computer takes longer time. 8.  Clarification on construction of latrines on encroached govt. land Click here to download 9.  Please ensure that all GPWSC which are triggered /Validated have opened their Bank account 10.  To create New Username/Passwords for Mobile App: Click here.



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ODF District - Fatehgarh Sahib

ODF Punjab Status
Number of Village delared ODF by GP Number of GP declared ODF by District No of latrines as per base line in ODF villages No of latrines as per verification in ODF villages
2543 1387 66619 40379

Validation Punjab Status
Total no. of villages to be validated Total no. of latrines to be constructed as per base line survey Total no of villages validated Total Latrines Validated
13505 791176 12718 696457

Toilet Status at sbm.gov.in
Toilet Built (Oct'2014) % increase in HHs with Toilet (Oct'2014) Toilet Built (2016-17) No. of ODF Villages (2016-17)
180598 5.73 100851 3746